Section 925 Podcast Episode 28 - The Bachelorette Season 9


Live from The Oasis in San Francisco, The Section 925 #BachelorPod is back with all the hard hitting action from The #Lorette.  @TheRealReno plays host to long time listeners/first time callers @AnnaKThor, and Sarah Starling (Facebook account only), as they pass harsh judgement on Des's hometown dates, and the cattiest Men Tell All ever, Justin Beiber, and the state of Texas #Romo

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Section 925 Podcast Episode 27 - Bachelorette Season 9


The Section 925 #BachelorPod returns for Desiree's season.  Through 4 weeks, Dez has started separating the wheat from the chaff and now has a solid group of characters trying to #SurviveAndAdvance.  @kpluswax hosts @liztomania12, @mgrebby and a shitload of #SauvBlanc from an undisclosed location in Gotham.

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Section 925 Podcast Episode 21: Post-Hometowns Bachelor Pod

Sean Lowe Gives An 'Extra' Interview Long-time listener, first-time host Brenden Wright (@the_real_borw) brings in Steph Redd (@HerroSteph) and his brother Reno Wright (@theRealReno) to recap the Hometown dates, Sean-Tells-All, and all things Bachelor.

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