Connor Buestad

Connor playing in the SFNABA at San Leandro Ballpark. A league created by "The Godfather," Ken Hale.

Connor was born and raised in the East Bay and took kindly to the Bay Area sports and culture scene at a young age. A 2003 graduate of Miramonte H.S., Connor went on to play baseball at the College of Marin, Cal Berkeley, and as a grad student at San Francisco State. After spending time in the East, North and West Bay, Connor tweeted at Josh (a.k.a "The Rogue") with the idea of "Section925" in April 2012. Josh responded immediately, and the wheels were put in motion. Appropriately, the first published Section article was written about St. Mary's basketball legend Matthew Dellavedova.

One of Connor's goals for this blog is to get as many people involved as possible. So no matter what music you listen to, what sports you're into, or what your cultural views happen to be, do not hesitate to send him an e-mail ( and have your voice heard. If you don't see what you like on the pages of, hopefully we can find some space for your thoughts and opinions as well.  

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Tripper Ortman

Tripper (right) sits down to interview Jared Goff and Griffin Piatt in 2015

Tripper was drawn to sports by a wild, dynamic, mustachioed group of baseball players in Oakland who brought a colorful and soulful baseball experience, often through the voice of Monte Moore, to what was then “the 415.”  As the 415 became “the 510,” and as Charlie Finley – the original A’s dismantler – let Catfish, Vida, and Rollie go, Tripper was mowing lawns and pulling weeds to earn enough money to pay for a BART ride and $1.25 bleacher ticket to attend Summer “businessman’s specials” at the Coli.  Growing up in an almost all white, upper-middle class community, the thrill of riding his bike to BART and sitting in the hot mid-day sun surrounded by East Bay residents of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and states of inebriation awokeTripper to the wider world of Bay Area sports and culture.  Those bleacher days cemented his dedication to the people and sports of the Bay, and the smell of sweat, beer and marijuana wafting through the air (then in the bleachers, now in the parking lot) still means Oakland A’s baseball to him. Tripper also grew up listening to Ken Dito on the original KNBR Sportsphone68, Bill King’s “Holy Toledo” calls during A’s and Warriors games (often with an earbud plugged into a transistor after bedtime), Joe Starkey’s “What a Bonanza for the Bears” during fall Saturdays, and the contrast of Lon Simmons’ melodious voice against the weekly disastrous performances of the Plunkett and DeBerg-led 49ers – an experience that still causes Tripper to doubt the 49ers in every game they play.  Still a resident of what is now known as “the 925”, Tripper is dedicated to promoting and preserving the soul and color of Bay Area sports.  Also, FC Bayern. #ToodleLew.

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Josh Hunsucker

Josh and his son celebrate the Warriors' 2014-2015 World Championship at the ticker tape parade in Oakland.

When I was 6-years old, I moved to the City from Dallas amidst the A’s 1988 World Series and 49ers Super Bowl XXIII runs. With 3:10 on the clock and 92 yards away from the Lombardi trophy, my dad called me over to the TV to witness my first sports memory as well as the greatest drive in Super Bowl history. With the memory of John Taylor’s slant still fresh in my mind, my family moved to the 925. The ghosts of ’89 still haunt my fandom: Rickey, Montana to Rice, Run TMC. Those players and teams gave me one of the greatest gifts a fan can have, an irrational love for their teams. I cheer for the A’s, 49ers, and Warriors with the dedication and enthusiasm of Jerry Rice gliding up “The Hill,” during an offseason workout. I am also a connoisseur of players who reach legendary status for things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. Cult Bay Area sports icons like Al Attles, Ken Dorsey, J.T. O’Sullivan, Eric Byrnes, and of course Boobie Dixon, the Patron Saint of Section925. After college, I took my Bay Area fandom on the road when I joined the Army. I started the blog Rogue Mentality, which chronicled my sports experiences from life in SEC country to partnering with K-State baseball to watching the Iraqi National Soccer Team win the 2007 Asia Cup. After leaving the Army and moving back to California, Connor (who penned the great blog BA Surf ‘n Sport) suggested we pull a Captain Planet and create Section925. After three years of hard recruiting, Connor and I picked up Tripper, a local 925 celebrity, in free agency to solidify our squad. I hope you enjoy our fresh look at Bay Area sports and pop culture and stay tuned because the revolution will be live.

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