Section 925 Podcast Episode 42 - The Bachelor Fantasy Suite


Josh (@jphunsucker), Kelly (@KellyLiz1321), and Becky (@Becky_Diel on Instagram) forgo their individual couches and stay together in the in the Section 925 fantasy suite. They discuss who won and who lost this weeks episode by handing out roses and thorns, explain why Jimmy Kimmel is the pinnacle of corporate synergy, debunk what a Costco trip is really like, investigate why Bachelor Chris "can't talk good," praise self aware non-kissing, rule on whether the "Amazing Jar" is filled with contestant money, answer a text question from @TheRealReno about censorship, and entertain other uber important worldly topics.

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Section 925 Podcast Episode 40 - The Bachelor Fantasy Suite Pod Talks All Things Bachelor

Chris Soules acting like The Bachelor

Josh (@jphunsucker) takes Kelly (@KellyLiz1321) and Becky (@Becky_Diel) into the Section 925 fantasy suite to talk all things Bachelor. Is Britt a Hollywood plant or genuine Bachelor contestant? Did Mylie Cyrus and Kelly Kapowski have a baby named Britt 20-something years ago? What are the girls names again? Why does Chris skip leg day at the gym. Can you have a deep-V "zip-up-the-middle” hooded sweatshirt? Why does the Bachelor insist on being so incestuous? Why is Ashley S so hated/loved and is she on or off medication. Plus more answers to questions that don’t matter.

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