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Will Steph rock an Iverson sleeve for Game 3!? (photo via @warriors)

BORW (@the_real_borw)

Looking ahead to Game 3….I would love to see the Warriors come out in the slate grey jerseys. I know they are terrible, but it would be a friendly reminder of the fabled night in February when Curry pulled the soul out of 18,000 Dust Bowlers with a 37 foot BANG BANG. Curry should also strictly do warm-ups from that spot on the floor. Just casually shoot 60% from that same spot before the game starts.

Connor Buestad (

You have to believe Chesapeake Energy Arena is going to be bananas on Sunday night. Not sure Marv and Reggie will be able to hear themselves think once things really get going in there. Golden State is three point road favorites, but before we talk about Sunday, let’s look all the way back to last Wednesday when we saw these two teams on the court last (C’mon NBA).

Game 2 was yet another magical night for Steph. He started off his evening risking yet another injury as he went full Pete Rose diving after a loose ball in the first quarter. The gents in the tech seats didn’t exactly break Curry’s fall, which led to a beat up elbow, but it could have been worse. All I want to know is if Curry will wear an Iverson arm sleeve for Game 3?

In the third quarter, Curry “Stephed” if you will, scoring 15 straight points and working Oracle into a frenzied state. Marv Albert really got going when Steph decided to stare down Serge Ibaka and run back on defense, all while a contested 3-pointer was still midflight. Kids: don’t try this at home.  

Steph finished with 28 on the night, while getting tons of teammates involved as well. Seven Warriors recorded double figures in Game 2, including Draymond Green who turned in the “Yeoman’s Special” of 10 points, 8 boards and 7 assists all while occupying the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated.

On Oklahoma City’s side, Kevin Durant got off early, scoring 23 points before the half. Fortunately he was cooled off in the second half, and only finished with 29. Russell Westbrook’s ungodly speed was neutralized by another great effort from Klay and company; a trend that will need to continue in Oklahoma.

Wednesday was the fifth meeting this year between the star-studded teams and only the first time OKC lost the rebounding battle. Much of this had to do with Draymond’s continuous effort against New Zealander Steven Adams. So far this series, Adams has not only described the Splash Brothers as “quick little monkeys” but also has declared that Draymond has “peaked with annoyingness.” Hopefully this bulletin board material keeps arriving on Draymond’s desk, as it will only fuel his trademark fire.

In hindsight, it only made sense that the Warriors took care of business at home in Game 2. After all, Golden State is 12-0 this season coming off a loss. But now comes a new test. KD and Westbrook will have a crazed fanbase behind them on Sunday night. A city looking for blood after Steph ripped out their hearts earlier this year at the buzzer. By now, I should have more blind faith in the Warriors, considering they’ve passed every test this season with flying colors. That said, I foresee KD having a monster game on Sunday. The 27-year-old is in his prime and realizes how big of an opportunity he has sitting on his plate. I don’t see Game 3 ending any other way than at the buzzer. God bless the NBA.

Josh Hunsucker (@jphunsucker)

After Game 1 we had to do better in three areas and sustain one.

1. Steph and Klay have to play better, especially in the 4th quarter.

2. We can't be sloppy with the ball.

3. The bench has to show up.

4. Continue to contain KD and Westbrook.

Check, Check, Check, and Check.

Steph was masterful in the 3rd and singlehandedly swung the momentum of the game and maybe series when he went on his 15-3 run.  Forget 17 points in an overtime, can I interest you in 15 in 118 seconds? He truly is Threesus and He is risen.

Lost in Steph's water-walking two minute burst was Klay's game-long hounding of Russell Westbrook. Klay held Russ to 5/14 shooting and 1/5 from three.  The imporrtance of that cannot be understated.  Forcing Westbrook into contested shots and minimizing situations where he is flying down the court at a pace that is seemingly out of control and other-worldly but at the same time completely calculated and impossible to stop, makes OKC much easier to beat.

The bench also chipped in and gave the Warriors what felt like 69,000,000 second chances off of offensive rebounds. Festus (14 pts), Speights (13 pts), Iguodala (14 pts).  That's what the f#&k I'm talking about.