(Video) Ride along with Kevin Durant as he flies down the coast to live in L.A. for the summer

By Connor Buestad | Connor@Section925.com

According to Kevin Durant's personal YouTube channel, the newly minted NBA champion has headed down to Los Angeles to live out his offseason. Press play below to ride down to the City of Angles on a private jet with the Durantula himself. 

From his Oakland hills bachelor pad, Durant explains he is looking forward to "hanging out, working out and getting better" in L.A. this summer while "getting up to The Bay" as much as possible. 

In the video, Durant steps off a private jet and is whisked away to his so-cal summer home where he is greeted by a cheerful entourage that includes his private chef wearing a "KD" embroidered chef's coat. As he saunters around his new summer digs, Rhianna's "Pour it Up" echoes throughout the house. Soon enough, Durant sits down outside to receive a collection of gifts from his L.A. crew. Ironically, this includes local microbrews (Durant is a famously poor beer drinker), an Emmy Award, fresh ribs to munch on and a framed picture of Biggie and Tupac. 

Later, Durant takes the time to sit down in the hallway and get a fresh cut, sign some paraphernalia, and continue to bask in his Finals MVP glory.