Section925 Staff Ponders the Warriors With Their Backs Against The Wall

Josh Hunsucker (@jphunsucker)

Bandwagon fans are a welcome side effect of being good. They will never experienced the shared suffering of Larry Hughes and Vonteego Cummings et al. Their seats, while better than mine are filled with hollow joy. My Section 200+ seats, or tonight laptop streaming TNT, is stained with the memory of 30+ years of crap with a few years of half wiped success.

Live or die tonight at least we can appreciate what it feels like to truly be alive as a sports fan. We earned this and they can just have a plate at our buffet. The bandwagon just makes our satisfaction a little louder and provides more web content. Let's go seize history in these next three games boys.


Connor Buestad (

Larry Legend did it in '81, why not us?


BORW (@the_real_borw)

We Believe (the remix)