Section925 Staff Ponders Monster Game 4 in OKC

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Vinny Cuneo (@Mr_Cuneo)

There is no statistical way that the Durantula and Westbrook can both shoot over 50% from the floor in 2 games in one series. Dubs were in the same hole against the Cavs in the finals last year so it's not like they haven't been here before. 

How much more interesting would this series be if the Thunder were still the SuperSonics. A classic match up of the Bay vs. Seattle a'la the 49ers vs Seahawks circa 2012.


Robbie Repass (@ReelWorldLive)

Game three was an unmitigated disaster for Warriors fans. It may not be time to press the panic button, but you should certainly reach for it. I keep hearing that "this team has been down 2-1 in a series before" and "this team hasn't lost back-to-back games all season". While both are true, this team has not faced an opponent this talented and this firing on all cylinders in their magical two-year postseason run. Is Oklahoma City the team of destiny? The Warriors narrowly avoided losing Draymond to suspension after his likely intentional castration of Steven Adams, and now the Warriors need "good Draymond" to show up now more than ever following his dismal game three performance. It would be foolish to write off the defending champs and owners of the best regular season of all-time, but the Vegas oddsmakers were confident enough to make OKC the favorite to lift the Larry O'Brien following their win. If ever Golden State faced a must-win game, this is it.


Josh Hunsucker (@jphunsucker)

Step one to winning a professional basketball game: physically, mentally, and emotionally show up.  Remember the four core values of the Steve Kerr Warriors? Neither did any of the players in Game 3.  

Where was the joy? No, Steph Curry post-three swagger. No, bench mob weirdness. No, Draymond swagger (at least post-Steven Adams nut sack demolotion).  Where was the mindfulness? Don't let Russ start every play going down hill. Don't overclose out on Roberson, let him shoot every three. Don't reach on KD, he will draw a foul. BLOCK OUT and HUSTLE for loose balls!! Where was the compassion for the game? Don't underestimate your opponent. Don't mentally check out in big games. And where was the competition? They just failed to compete (OK I will give them the late stretch of hte first quarter and early part of the second when they tied the game 40-40, that's it).

We've been here before, but I think this may be the best team we've had a 2-1 series deficit. Should we be chain smoking cigs tonight? Generally no, but if that works for you, then yes. Embrace the fear. Tonight is this seasons 300 moment, come back with your shield or on it. Let's keep the haven't lost two in-a-row streak alive. Let's have Curry give us a MVP Threesus divine game. Let's have Klay play Westbrook tough and bang home some big shots. Let's have Draymond play inside himself. Let's have Barnes be balances. Let's have Bogut stay out of foul trouble. Let's have Iggy not overplay  on defense. Let's have Festus play in control. Let's have Barbosa be the best blur he can be. Let's have Sir Ian Clark be royal. Let's have Mo get buckets. Let's have Andy antagonize. Let's have Rush shoot well if called upon. Let's have Macadoo cheer harder than anyone in Chesapeake Arena. Let's go take control of the series and not let go. Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Tino Barragan (@TinoBarragan)

Oklahoma City is playing their best basketball of the year right now and Russell Westbrook has been the difference.  Westbrook has 12 assists in each in each of the first three games. He's finally allowing the game to come to him on a consistent basis. Both he and Kevin Durant tend to play the one-on-one game too often, but midway through the Spurs series that started to change. The Warriors are going to have to play their absolute best to win this dog fight if the Thunder continue to play team basketball for four quarters every time out.  

Draymond Green will be available for game 4 following the kick heard 'round the world. There was enough doubt that the kick was intentional to allow him to play, althought it certainly hit the bulls-eye. The kick even appeared to make a woman in the front row bend over as if she could feel Steven Adam's pain. Green is fortunate that he wasn't suspended. In the end, it was the right call to make by the NBA. 

Steve Kerr made some pivotal adjustments to his lineup during last year's championship run. He needs to make at least one major adjustment in this series as well. Andrew Bogut is not moving at the same speed he was earlier in the season. Bogut has been a beast all year, however, minor injuries appear to have slowed him down.  In Game 1, Bogut had 0 pts, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks in 17:25 of play.  Game 2  he has 4 pts, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, and 0 blocks in 15:49 minutes of play.  Game 3 he had 2 pts, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, and 0 blocks in 12 minutes.  If Bogut were simply struggling, I wouldn't necessarily suggest this move.  But he's is not getting back on defense and he hasn't been a real threat on offense either. 

It's time to insert Festus Ezeli into the starting lineup.  He will bring athleticism and energy when the game starts which is important in order for the Warriors to come out playing with some thump on Tuesday. The Warriors need a bigger, quicker, and more athletic presence in the paint.  It's as simple as that. 

Steph Curry is at his best when the threat to get to the rim exists. I don't think OKC is worried about him taking the ball to the basket right now. I do think there's still some uncertainty in Curry's mind with the knee injury. His basketball movements don't have the same quickness or confidence when I watch him play. The drop off is subtle, but it's there. I'll be keeping a close eye out to see if Curry takes another step forward in his acceleration and ferocity when cutting and driving. 

It won't be enough to just drive and kick the ball out either.  He needs to start dropping in layups or get to the line which will open up everything else on the court. Curry will probably have to take some punishment.  But that's what the back-to-back MVP has got to do. This will also specifically open up the game for Klay Thompson.  Thompson has played decent basketball in this series, but he's only made 24 of 61 shots in all three games combined.  Overall he's shooting 39% from the field, but is shooting just 29% from 3 point land. That isn't going to cut it. 

I'm picking the Warriors to win Game 4 tonight. They haven't lost two games in a row all year (12-0) and now is not the time to go against that trend.  The defending champs are coming off a butt-whooping, going after back to back titles, and fighting for the most prolific season ever in NBA history.  The Warriors will sack up (pun intended) and tie this series at 2-2. The struggle is definitely real with Game 4 being played on the Thunder's home court. The whole country is about to find out how real the Warriors are as they continue their quest for greatness.

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Jesus, this is such a big game. I'm speechless at the moment. The drama is debilitating at the. Tell me what happens...