"They're Just Too Magical..." - Riffing on Steph & The Dubs

(photo by Ezra Shaw)

By Joshua Tribe | JoshTribe.wordpress.com

They're just too magical.... thank god it's the age of no hand-checking.... I don't know what else there is to say except that I think Steph is showing us what it'd have been like if Bob Dylan, Miles Davis or Henry Miller had been a basketball player instead of the artists they were/are.... what Curry and Kerr are pulling off belongs to the realm of art, not athletics....it truly, from a distance anyways, feels transcendent what they're doing--especially since, unlike MJ, Magic, Bird, Isiah, and Shaq, Steph doesn't seem to be a closet sociopath ... he shoots it like an alien, Iverson combined with Mullin, an inconceivable combo... I think I may be MORE impressed with Curry than anyone, but have no idea what to say about him other than he's really lucky not to have had to contend with Gary Payton in the old days of more physical play.... I shudder to imagine Karl Malone leveling Steph with an elbow the way he did to Isiah that one time (look up that iconic elbowing) ... I still think those '96 Bulls would destroy any other team ever assembled....but who cares about that? not me.... jesus, if Curry was doing what he's doing and the Warriors were a middle of the pack playoff team, a 4th or 6th seed, it'd STILL be incredible.... he's fucking tiny! he's fucking miniature--I know everyone sees and says it but man, man, man, it don't make him any bigger...