"The Magic Theory" - Is Draymond Green a Forgotten Son of the Showtime Lakers?

Father and son? Or nah?

(A letter to the editor):

It's obvious that there are similarities in their games.  Beyond the high hoops IQ, both Magic Johnson and Draymond Green can/could guard 1-5, play 1-5, run the "showtime" fast break, talk trash in a colorful and funny way, rack up triple-doubles, and generally be the most likable person on and off the court.  They're both leaders, talkers, and dynamic tone-setters. It's been noted over and over that their personalities and games have serious parallels that can't be ignored.  

But it doesn't stop there. They both have the Michigan State connection, philanthropy ties, and several instances where Magic has called Draymond "mini-Magic".  Let's also note that there really isn't a father figure in Draymond's life.  His MSU bio references some guy Wallace Davis, but we never see him or hear about him at all.  And now it gets weird: 

Draymond was conceived between June 1 and June 7, 1989.  And where was Magic during that time?  In Detroit, Michigan, pre-HIV diagnosis, getting swept by the Pistons in the '89 finals.  MAGIC WAS IN TOWN WHEN DRAYMOND WAS CONCEIVED! And we know he was getting down with everyone at that time in his life.

Of course I realize how strange this theory is, but I can't shake the idea that it might be true.  Add to the craziness that I "friended" Mary Tootoo Babers on FB, and I've been commenting on her posts in passively suggestive ways about her son's true paternity.  It's time to take it off the social media angles and give Section925 this hot take to run with.  Let me know how I can help...

- Chris Norton, San Francisco

Research credits to: Devin Wright, Ardian Zagari, Beau Delmore, Jason Friedman.