"Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" - Week 8

By: Josh Hunsucker (@jphunsucker)

Despite the booming Bay Area sports scene, world titles and all, we've be admittedly slacking. But not without good cause. Anyway, I'm back for your Niners pleasure with a quick Week 8 preview.

Let's get the un-pleasantries out of the way. The 49ers and Cardinals don't like each other. Especially Joe Staley. The feeling is mutual for the Cardinals D-Line.

The funny thing is, just like Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, they've got a lot in common but are pitted as enemies. Both bolster stout defenses, good special teams, an array of offensive weaponry at the skill positions, quarterbacks that are enigmatic (that the closest I can go, obviously big edge for Alex here), and good coaches. And just like Pat and Billy, they are out to kill each other tonight.

I would be remiss to say that the Niners D isn't likcing their chops at an Arizona offensive line that is missing their starting tackles and on pace to give up 80 sacks. I predict a big day for Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks. Let's see if Zona can effectively counter with screens or quick stuff.

On offense this week will be a another stepping stone week. The offense has taken a few steps back over the last couple weeks but we'll see if Frank Gore can continue to run strong and if Mike Crabtree can build on his already strong season. PS Alex Smith, Vernon Davis is on the team.

Niners 20-10.