"Dignity" - 49ers v. Lions Week 2

Image By: Josh Hunsucker (@jphunsucker)

*Author's note: If this post feels like a mail-in, just understand that I was busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest this week.

This week involves two teams that are looking for dignity in one way or another.

The Lions are looking to salvage a little from last years home loss and of course this. The Niners on the other-hand are still looking to solidify some of the knee jerk and fleeting dignity that the media mea culped all over them after last week's win in Green Bay.

The bottom line in this game is that the Lions' offense is extremely similar to Green Bay's. Therefore, our (yes our) defense should be well versed in handling a pass happy offense. PS- How about Navarro Bowman as the primary dime LB last week? What a tasty treat when you don't have to wear down your #1 LB all season and the backfill is an All-Pro.

Offensively, look for the Niners to build on what they did last week. Smitty (he earned the moniker this week) will likely be cross-pollinating the offense by giving the WRs and TEs all a little taste of the ball, with VD getting freed up for a big gainer as a result. Also, look for the Niners to counter the stout Lion D-line with some Kendall Hunter screens.

Well, that's all the time I have. And just to verify how busy I was, I passed up pregame field passes and free tickets because I was too swamped with school and work and school and life.

Niners win 27-23 and ask the media have you seen dignity?