Reggae staple Rebelution releases their latest album, Free Rein


By Michael Moniz | @fosheezymonizee

Now fourteen years into their storied reggae careers, Rebelution took some time in between waves and California burritos in sunny San Diego to record their newest album, Free Rein. After achieving huge success (Grammy Nominated) with their last work, Falling Into Place, the expectations were high for all of the “Rebelutionairies” that were waiting for the next drop from the guys who started playing ten person shows in garages in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara in college back in '03/'04.

Their first single “Celebrate” did exactly that. Similar to their patented roots reggae sound, this is an energizing shout-out to one and all and celebrates the oneness of artist and audience.  This jam really sets the tone for the album and lets everyone in the band showcase their skills.

Eric Rachmany (lead singer and writer) is a native San Franciscan, so when he wrote "City Life,” he talks about that feeling where you just need to get out and escape from where you are.  We all have those days where you just need a “me” day. This song is that. Escaping to the beach, going to the redwoods, or camping by the river are things that Rachmany envisions when leaving the “City Life.”

“Healing” is something of a new sound that we’ve never really heard from Rebelution. An acoustic, country sound, Rachmany explained to Rock Cellar Magazine, “I wrote that song to remind people that life is always worth living, and to provide some healing energy to a person listening. Music certainly has been something I’ve turned to when I needed a pick me up. I only hope I can do the same for other people listening to this song.”  This one is my favorite for sure.

To me, this album is one of those you put on during a Sunday morning when you’re spring cleaning or on a long road trip.  As with all Reb albums, the good vibes and positive energy is contagious throughout each song and will probably lead you to listen to more of their early stuff if you haven’t already. 

I am super excited for their tour that is about to kick off and hopefully going to see them at Red Rocks for the first time in Colorado. They come to The Bay to play the Greek Theatre in Berkeley on Friday, August 31st, so get your tickets fast. You know it will sell out.