"Feeling the Bern in Fairfiled" - An afternoon listening to Bernie Sanders make a run for President

Bernie was at Game 7 to watch the Dubs win the Western Conference title on Sunday. On Friday in Fairfield, Sanders wore his Warriors hat on the campaign trail. (photo by Skaz One)

It is not America, when you have billionaires able to buy elections. Democracy is one person, one vote, not wealthy people putting hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates who represent the wealthy and the powerful.
— Senator Bernie Sanders (Fairfield, CA 6-3-2016)

By Skaz One | @SkazOne

On the afternoon of June 3rd, Bernie Sanders' supporters came out in droves to see the man himself speak at Solano Community College in Fairfield, CA. The rally was one of the many campaign stops the Senator from Vermont has made recently in the Bay Area, not the least of which was Golden State's Game 7 victory in the Western Conference Finals. 

A very diverse group attended the Friday rally including people of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and schools of thought. It was a melting pot of people coming together as part of a political movement currently sweeping the nation: The Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign. As the crowd was mainly young people, the campaign slogan, “A Future To Believe In,” seemed appropriate as it hung from a banner behind the podium.

I was placed on the stage behind the podium on which Sanders gave his speech and was proudly holding my Bernie sign high as the 74-year-old took the mic. The speech was riveting as Candidate Sanders told the audience exactly what he was going to do to help the working people of America as well as minority groups. When he first reached the podium, Bernie thanked the crowd for attending in such sweltering heat. 

“Let me thank all of you crazy people for coming out on a day like today… You are a dedicated, fierce group of people”

Bernie addresses the crowd at Solano Community College (photo by Michael Noble Jr. of the SF Chronicle)

Cheers went up as he admonished Donald Trump for his ill educated ideas and as Bernie explained key differences between himself and Secretary Clinton, a cry came from the crowd, “She’s the worst!” met with laughter by everyone attending.  It was obvious the Senator wanted a clear line drawn between himself and Secretary Clinton.

Bernie outlined his plan for free healthcare for all, while reminding the crowd that all other major world powers have free healthcare in place for their people. He reminded the crowd that higher education as well should be available without cost, especially not the tuition most colleges currently expect students to pay. He said he no longer wants America’s youth to leave college thousands of dollars in debt due to student loans, which was a major selling point with the community college crowd.

Senator Sanders then went on to talk about a tax on Wall Street speculations, which should and very well may end up existing. Tax the billionaires and not the ninety nine percent, was the basic message Bernie was trying to get across to the people in attendance.

Bernie addressed, what he considers to be a very real problem, Climate Change. Bernie doesn’t just think Climate Change is real, he know it is real and has done the research to back it up.  He said he spoken to scientists and weather experts who say that climate change is not a myth but a very real issue we will have to deal with sooner than later.  From the concerns of Environmentalists to College age Americans, Bernie is made it clear he is ready to hear what the American people have to say, and to help them get what they want.

Then the moment came, when Bernie had finished his speech. And he came around to shake the hands of the crowd and of course, I was front row center to meet the revolutionary political candidate of the year 2016! It was a truly electrifying moment. The excitement of the crowd and the secret service pushing through everybody, one could almost taste Democratic Primary victory.

Overall, the rally truly demonstrated the support of the youth in this country for Senator Sanders. He represents himself as the people’s candidate and as far as I could tell, he is exactly that. His speech took all classes and ethnic backgrounds into consideration; he was not simply taking jabs at his political opponents. He offered viable solutions to important problems facing our country such as infrastructure, the prison industrial complex, the national debt and free healthcare. Promising jobs, healthcare, education and a tax on Wall Street to boot, Sanders is truly the political revolution America has been waiting for.

Look for more information on Bernie Sanders and his campaign at berniesanders.com. There is also more information on the California School Employees Association at csea.com