Jay Stone Waltzes Through Oakland in New Video

By Connor Buestad | Connor@Section925.com

We at Section925 love us some Jay Stone. So you can bet we were psyched to hear about his new video to his rap track “Recollection.” Adrian Spinelli at Everything Ecstatic alerted us of the news (by way of Impose) and we have been enjoying the lovely visuals to this song ever since.

We went ahead and threw this song in the culture section, only because capturing some of Oakland’s culture was clearly part of Jay’s game plan in this particular video. As Stone told Impose, “A lot of the album was inspired by being out in my environment observing the people around me and the way they move and the things they say. I combined that with my own imagination.”

The producer behind this jaunt through Oakland was Ted Feighan of L.A. Ted produces music under the name Monster Rally. His collaborations with Mr. Stone have been delightful thus far. We can only hope the Foreign Pedestrians EP leads to more creativity we can all enjoy.