Bay Area Art Options Leading Up to Oakland's First Friday

Earth Machines considers the relentless stream of new technological products in light of their underlying material precariousness and profound ecological impact.

By Galen Barbour

Don't miss out on all the amazing art going down from Oakland To SF this week in celebration of art's favorite Friday, First Friday.  

But if you cant wait for the weekend, inspiration may find you at one of these evocative events throughout the week.


Yerba Buena Center of the Arts is in its final week of hosting a tumultuous exhibit that may force you to take another look at the price of our tech habits in their new collaborative exhibit: Earth-Machines. The exhibition hosts a variety of artists and media types that expose usage of and by the tech that the Bay Area has invariable been distinguished for.

Notable features include photography by Kevin McElvaney who exposes the brutal working conditions of salvage workers foraging for copper out of the rubble of tech refuse in waste sites in Ghana. There are also experimental interactive pieces, like that of Addie Wagenknecht, whose home made light installation uses acute sensors to collect data responding to your presence and displaying it through the pulses of LED lights circuited on a home made board.

It ends Sunday, Dec. 6. Click here for details.

New Experiments in Art and Sound, at the Jewish Contemporary Museum in San Francisco brings Shane Myrbeck, Emily Shisko, and Scott Snibbe under one event to showcase and discuss their work in immersive multi-sensory experiences with John Bischoff (Prof. Of music at Mills College/ pioneer of Computer Network Music). See it on Thursday.

Oddball Films will be serving up some camp-tastic masterpieces with their screening of Weird Science. See it on Thursday. Click here for details.

DOLBY STUDIO'S premieres Hays and Ryan Holladay for their work in storage and recall in Dolby's Market Street HQ.

RSVP here for entry

The Convent in SF is reminding people of the peninsula that theres still a chance with their installation of Arts Not Dead featuring live music, photography sculpture animation and more with their free all ages event. Click here for details.


Starting things off right this weekend is of course, Oakland's Art Murmur. Which showcases all flavors and mediums of artistic vision which can be checked out here. It includes, but is not limited to the following:

Erik Parra at Transmission Gallery,

Through mediums of paint and story, Parra's work looks to expose the foundation of our political and social fabric through the lens of historical narrative. Click here for details.

Urbanality, at SLATE (Grand Opening)

Henry Riekena, Counterpoint Studio, Geoffrey Meredith, Ethan Wang, Alan Mazzetti taking a look at the wonders of our urban environment which we may take for granted. Click here for details.

Andrew Wilson, Omi Gallery

Multi media artist reconsiders the story behind the African plight in America that has been handed down to us through major media. The opening night of a 3 week exhibit. Check it out here.


Feel free to drop us a line in the comments if we missed something, or if you got out there and enjoyed something...